Expected standards, Attendance and Uniform

Dear Parent/Carer

May I take this opportunity to, first of all, introduce myself.  I am Gus Diamond and I have been appointed to be Deputy Head at All Saints Catholic College.  I come from a school in Macclesfield and have twenty years of experience working within schools.  The majority of this time has been spent working in pastoral, inclusion and SEND.  My main focus at All Saints will be on behaviour and improving attendance of students.

With this role in mind I wanted to write to parents to ensure your support in a number of areas.

Expected Standards

As students were made aware before the Easter holidays, we have set in place a number of expectations from all students that will not be negotiable.  We will expect all students to have the proper equipment with them each day. This means a suitable bag, their student journal, a pen, pencil, rubber, calculator, reading book and completed homework.  Students will only be allowed water in lessons and will not be allowed to eat gum.  Mobile phones must not be evident and should be switched off during the College day.  Students should also not have ear/head phones out during the College day.

All Form Tutors have been instructed to check on this every morning and they will communicate home where students have not met these basic expectations.

Attendance and Punctuality

As you know the College day is changing with Form time being from 9.00 – 9.15 at the start of every College day.  Students must be on the College site from 8.50 to ensure that they are on time for Form Time.

We must also remind parents that students are expected to have 100% attendance.  Absence from College will have a long term impact on learning, progress and eventual GCSE outcomes. The pastoral team will be working with parents and the Education Welfare Officer to ensure that students have high attendance rates at All Saints.


The College uniform has gone through a period of change recently but from September 2016 we will expect all students to wear the correct College uniform which is outlined on the reverse of this letter.  Please can you ensure that your child does have the proper uniform ready to wear in September.

Uniform Checklist

To clarify certain points about the uniform, students must not wear trainers. I would advise parents to purchase a pair of hard wearing, suitable shoes.  Long hair should be tied back and should be one, natural colour.  Students are not allowed extreme hair styles.  Styles with a ‘step’ or which are unkempt are not allowed and students should not have it cut to less than a ‘number 3’.  Jewellery is not permitted. Makeup must be natural and there must be no fake tan, visible tattoos, eyebrow makeup, visible piercings or cuts to eyebrows.

We would like to thank parents for their on-going support with all of these matters and their help in working with us, in partnership, to ensure that All Saints Catholic College continues to improve and moves towards an outstanding place of education for our students.

Yours sincerely

A Diamond
Deputy Headteacher