Curriculum Aims:

We are a Catholic community dedicated to providing an excellent education to all of our pupils so that they fulfil their ambitions and exceed their expectations.

We work together as a family through mutual respect so that everyone succeeds academically and grows spiritually.


Curriculum Rationale:

All Saints Catholic College aims to provide a curriculum which inspires, challenges and safeguards all our pupils, and enables them to become:

·       Inspired learners who have acquired the essential knowledge, skills and qualifications required to use and expand on their God-given gift, and talents, in their future lives and who practice the teachings of Christ in their daily lives

·       Successful young people who have fulfilled and exceeded their expectations and achieved academic success allowing them to move onto their chosen post-16 course

·       Confident, well-rounded, and self-regulating individuals who can live safe, healthy, spiritual and fulfilling lives

·       Responsible healthy citizens who make a social and economic contribution to society and act within the values of the Catholic Church

·       Creative, practically minded and productive young people who have an awareness of world affairs, financial security and are inspired to continue their learning


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Catholic Curriculum

Our Catholic ethos is central to everything we do as a school at the heart of our community.  We follow 10% curriculum time during which pupils’ study Catholic Christianity alongside Judaism at key stage 4.  At key stage 3, pupils follow The Way, The Truth and The Life and explore other world faith traditions.  Our Catholic curriculum is truly inclusive and includes aspects of the RSE curriculum.  


We have extensive literacy provision which stretches our most able pupils and provides support to those pupils who need it.  We provide the most able pupils with literacy stretch and challenge resources so that they can access more challenging aspects of the curriculum and GCSEs. Some of our pupils have low literacy skills on entry, which can present them with a future challenge when accessing their GCSEs. Within our curriculum we offer an array of catch-up resources to help overcome these barriers and on average pupils make 9 months additional progress when joining All Saints in the first two terms. 

Cultural Capital

As a school we aim to give all our pupils’ access to the cultural experiences vital to them in life. We also link these experiences with our curriculum to deepen pupils’ knowledge and understanding of what they are learning. Some pupils require support to access experiences available to children in more advantaged areas. We work tirelessly to provide a broad, deep and balanced curriculum to all our pupils, including wider experiences. We review our provision regularly to ensure all pupils have access to the wide range of opportunities available to support and deepen their learning.

Equal Opportunity:

Our curriculum will be structured so that no pupil is prevented from pursuing a course or programme based on their gender, ability, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. All are welcomed at All Saints and we show love for all our family. Pupils with disabilities or special educational needs will, as far as is possible, be provided with reasonable adjustments to enable them to access an ambitious and relevant curriculum.