If you have an enquiry, please use the details below.

For more immediate or urgent issues please use the key staff contact details that appear below the College contact details.


All Saints Catholic College
Birch Lane, Dukinfield, Cheshire, SK16 5AP

Tel: 0161 338 2120
Fax: 0161 338 9750

Twitter: @allsaintsccduk

In order to improve the way you make contact with us, please see below contact details for key staff within our school.

Management and Staffing


The Head Teacher has a Senior Leadership Team to help run both the curriculum, pastoral and administration of the College.


Senior Leadership Team


The Senior Leadership Team is responsible for a range of specific subjects, for developing their staff, for the effective use of cross-curricular work within the overall curriculum, and administrative and pastoral tasks. The management approach enables cross-curricular links to be more readily achieved and encourages teamwork across wide subject disciplines.


Senior Leaders Role
Mr G Diamond Headteacher
Ms N Gilligan Deputy Headteacher
Ms S Scott Assistant Headteacher
Ms G McFadden Finance Director


Department Heads


Should you have a query about a particular subject area, the contact details for our Heads of Department are as follows:


Department Head of Department Contact
English Ms Chadderton 
Maths Ms Evans
Science Ms Crosby
RE Ms Rutter
Technology Mrs Chandler
Humanities Mr Rutter
PE Ms Klays
Art Ms Blantern
Music Ms Millington
MFL Mme Agrain
Mr Allman


Heads of Year


Year group Head of Year Contact
Year 7 Mr Cassell
Year 8 Ms Gilmour
Year 9 Mr Riley
Year 10 Mr Hayward
Year 11 Ms Fox


Pastoral Support Officers


Pastoral Support Officers Name
Year 7 Ms Martin
Year 8 Mr Fairhurst / Ms Dey
Years 9 Ms Kellett
Year 10 Ms Jackson
Year 11 Ms Kellett / Ms Dey


Pastoral Staff Name
Pastoral Administartor Ms Riley
Attendance Officer Ms Maddison


Form Tutors


If you have a concern please contact your child’s Form Tutor in the first instance who will respond to you within 24 hours:


Year 8 Form Tutors


Form Tutor Contact
8 Assisi Mr Howell
8 Kolbe Mr Rutter
8 Romero Ms Rutter
8 Teresa Ms Boswell
8 John Paul Mr Fairhurst
8 Ward Mr Payne


Year 9 Form Tutors


Form Tutor Contact
9 Assisi Mr Lindsay
9 Kolbe Ms Wiggins
9 Romero Ms Chandler / Ms Balmer
9 Teresa Ms Evans
9 Ward Ms Klays


Year 10 Form Tutors


Form Tutor Contact
10 Assisi Mr O'Neill ao'
10 Kolbe Ms Qureshi
10 Romero Mr Allman
10 Teresa Ms Dolan / Ms Armstrong
10 Ward Ms Meadowcroft


Year 11 Form Tutors


Form Tutor Contact
11 Assisi Mme Agrain / Ms Saavedra
11 Kolbe Ms Millington
11 Romero Ms Dennen
11 Teresa Ms Chadderton
11 Ward Ms Crosby


Administration Staff


Administration Name
Finance Director Ms McFadden
Finance Officer Ms McMahon
Head Teacher's PA Ms Leigh
Data Manager Ms Perkins
Examinations Officer Ms Wilkinson
Marketing/Reprographics/Technologies Ms Coleman
Reception Ms Luke
Network Manager Mr Ford


Should you continue to experience difficulties in making contact with the school, please contact Mrs K Leigh (Headteacher’s PA) either by telephoning the school or by emailing: