Caring for our Pupils

The Head Teacher is assisted in the planning and delivery of pastoral care at All Saints Catholic College by a team which includes the Senior Leadership Team, Heads of Key Stage, Pastoral Support Officers and Form Tutors.

Form Tutors are the first point of contact at the College and will deal with the majority of questions or concerns that may arise. For more serious issues, the Head of Key Stage is there to support you and your child both in terms of their academic progress and for any major pastoral issues that may arise. Please get in touch with your child’s Form Tutor or Head of Key Stage either by phone, e-mail, letter or a note in your child’s Pupil Journal. The Pastoral staff should be kept informed about illness, absence, dental or medical appointments, or any change in home circumstances.


"Our responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of young people is of paramount importance and we believe that safer students make more successful learners "


Form Tutor Time


Your child will spend 15 minutes each day with their form. During this time, pupils will meet with their Form Tutor. A daily ‘Uniform and Appearance’ check is carried out to ensure the highest of standards are maintained. An act of worship also takes place at this time of the day and your child will have at least one assembly each week with a Senior Member of staff. As part of our drive to encourage all children to enjoy the pleasure of reading, we actively promote this by asking all pupils to read silently during a part of Form Tutor time. It is important therefore that they come equipped with a suitable reading book. This then allows the Form Tutor to focus on the tracking and monitoring of pupils academic progress through individual meetings, supporting the work of the Pastoral Support Officer and Head of Key Stage.

In order to maintain these high standards for your children, we maintain a flexible approach to form groups and reserve the right, if it is considered in the best interests of pupils, to facilitate movement between the different groups.


D of E Mentoring Programme


The Duke of Edinburgh volunteering section aims to inspire young people to make a difference within their communities or to an individual’s life and develop compassion by giving service to others.

Our Silver Duke of Edinburgh year 10’s have suggested helping our year 7’s and will be doing this by taking a group of students who we feel are in need of mentoring whether it be for motivation in learning, developing positive role models or gaining social and personal skills.

They will be meeting them on a weekly basis and have planned to do paired reading, homework assistance motivational packs and mentoring.
They have also come up with icebreakers and planned to meet them to do Christmas cards and another project that can be displayed within school.

The Pastoral Team

Year group
Head of Year
Year 7
Ms Meadowcroft
Year 8
Mr Cassell
Year 9
Ms Gilmour
Year 10
Mr Riley
Year 11
Mr Hayward


Pastoral Support Officers


Pastoral Support Officers
Year 7
Ms Burton
Year 8
Ms Martin
Years 9
Mr Fairhurst
Year 10
Ms Kellett
Year 11
Ms Jackson


Attendance Officer: 
Ms Maddison

Caring for our Pupils